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i’m Frank

My specialization

B2B and B2C Sales Manager, specialized in the US sales channels Envolvement, Project Management, Branding, and Digital Marketing.

B2B Sales Management

Knowing every detail about B2B Sales Management.
Sales Channels Management, Supply Chain Management, Price Management, and Team building.


The best time to build a Brand was ten years ago, then is here and now.
Familiar with the process of establishing brand positioning, brand image, crowd segmentation, and branding strategy.

Channels Envolvement

Successful experience in Negotiating and Launching JASHEN’s Wet & Dry vacuum to Walmart.LLC of the US.
Including not only Order negotiation, Order Fulfillment, Product launch and marketing, Project maintenance, and more.

Digital Marketing

Work as Marketing Manager and as Sales Manager who works with Marketing Manager for a long time, knowing the detail and rhythm of the PR, Influencer Marketing, Social Media, and so on.

My Experience

2021 - Present
Head of America &
Southeast Asia Sales

Responsible for all sales and management of JASHEN Technology in the following areas:
United States, Canada, Korea, Southeast Asia, and South America.
Drive and enable JASHEN’s Wet & Dry product F12 into Walmart’s supply chain and successfully fulfill orders, plan and manage the launching and Marketing of the product.
Manage JASHEN’s B2C team on the following platforms: Amazon, Walmart, Newegg, Home Depot, Wayfair, Overstock, and Cdiscount, related to the following aspects: product planning, marketing planning, sales planning, inventory and supply chain management, and budget management.
Manage JASHEN’s channel distributors in the United States and Southeast Asia, involving inventory and supply chain management, pricing control, and partnership maintenance.
Explore and set up distributors and partners through EDM/Linked-in/online meetings/Exhibitions.

2019 - Dec 2021

Responsible for planning and organizing the exhibition project of the Shenzhen Gift Fair in 2021
Responsible for planning and hosting the 2022 IHA Exhibition in Chicago, US
Responsible for planning the scheduling, creativity, and execution of all JASHEN’s social media and influencer cooperation
Responsible for the planning, management, and execution of the JASHEN new generation Visual Identification System project
Responsible for all visual design management and marketing management of JASHEN’s new-generation vacuum cleaner product project, new-generation Wet & dry vacuum product project, new-generation laser sweeping robot project, and new-generation hairdryer project.

Oct 2017 - Oct 2018
Akulaku Inc.
Data Modeling

Responsible for the analysis, modeling, and development of GPS user trajectory data.
Predicting and extracting effective user behavior characteristics from the data, and combining Internet financial models to improve product risk control.

May 2017 - Nov 2017
Shise Information Inc.
Data Algorithm

1. Responsible for the design, construction and iterative maintenance of recommended system services. Including offline computing based on spark, online computing based on python backend, and construction and operation and maintenance of high-concurrency REST API

2. Develop services such as facial scoring and object detection based on deep learning to serve the recommendation and user portrait system

3. Analyze and mine user retention and behavior characteristics, use models to predict user retention and loss, and provide a basis for product decision-making

Breaf & idea.

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I’m using top leading design methods in my work.

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All Creative Works,
Selected projects

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Branding, Product
Branding, Product
Branding, Product

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